The corporate lawyer

A corporate lawyer is first and foremost a legal professional. But unlike a lawyer, he or she does not often plead before the courts (just in case of litigation) and works mainly in a law firm or in a large company. Its main mission is to passionately defend the interests of its clients (businessmen and financial actors) in the event of litigation, but also to provide them with legal information in the event of mergers, transfers, investments or financing. Information : As such, it must be extremely versatile and excel in many places. Business law lawyers accumulate specialties. In addition to specializing in corporate and commercial law, business law consultants must be proficient in tax and financial legislation, property law, banking and securities regulation and intellectual property law.

What is a criminal lawyer?

As the name suggests, the criminal lawyer defends legal and natural persons before the courts for offences under the Criminal Code. The prosecutor exercises his oratory powers before the courts (criminal courts, assize courts, assize courts, assize courts, appeal courts and courts of cassation). Murders, robberies, assaults of all kinds, rapes, scams, etc. He advises and defends both victims and alleged perpetrators of crimes and offences. Whether for immediate visits, police custody or unlimited offences, his daily life is far from radiant: the lawyer can evolve and become a partner of the firm in which he works. He can also focus on business criminal law, for example, or open his own practice.

Legal aid

The role of the public defender in France is a source of confusion, particularly in relation to the American community, which can be highly sought after in television series and films. A public defender is a lawyer appointed by the president of your courtroom whenever you have not previously chosen yourself or when the urgency does not allow it. Legal aid will be a valuable aid in obtaining the assistance of a lawyer competent to protect you when you are summoned to a criminal or juvenile court; a court-appointed lawyer is not available. Her remuneration must be determined from your first appointment with her. You can get legal assistance if you do not have enough income to pay for your own services. The ex officio commission and legal assistance are therefore two very different issues.

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